Interview Tarja Turunen

Nachdem das persönliche Interview leider aus zeitlichen Gründen von Tarja abgesagt werden musste, haben wir nun ein schriftliches bekommen.


Morgaine: When did you start to play music?

Tarja: I started taking classical piano lessons at the age of 6. 

M: Did you ever wanted to become something different as a musician?

T: Never really. I was always dreaming of becoming a musician. 

M: How did you get the idea to combine heavy metal with classical chants?

T: First I was invited to sing on a demo that had nothing to do with metal. The people behind this music heard my voice and decided to work on a much heavier type of music, since their background was indeed in metal and my operatic voice was a bit too much for the original project. I never before joining Nightwish thought of becoming a singer in a heavy metal band. 


M: How did it happen that you left Nightwish? 

T: They fired me in 2005 with an open letter.  

M: Do you miss these times?

T: Not at all to be quite honest with you. We did beautiful music together, but all the rest was just miserable. 

M: What do you love more- to sing metal songs or classical songs?

T: This is a question I cannot answer. Both genres complete me. I have been working on both genres professionally almost for about 20 years and found a beautiful balance between them in my artistic activities. I would not like to or have the need to choose from one of them. 

M: Is there someone you admire?

T: I admire people that are doing good for our world we are living in. 

M: What you do want to tell/ to express with you music? 

T: I keep myself happy with my art and there is not such a message from me to my listeners. It is just that I am showing my dreams coming through with my art and hoping that people could do exactly the same with their lives. 

M: What does inspire you when you write songs? 

T: My journeys with music in general and my own crazy life. I meet a lot of different people all the time through my travels and see different things. If I seek musical inspiration I usually listen soundtracks or metal, mostly from US bands. 


M: Your new album „The brightest void“ will be released in june and your album „The shadow self“ will be released in august. What are the differences between these cds? 

T: TBV is a prequel album that shows you a bit of the song and sound direction of the TSS album. I feel the TBV is like a bonus album and the TSS the real album. You should give it a listen to both albums though because they really complete each other. The TBV album is more rocking and TSS album more heavy. 

M: Why do you release two albums in that short time?

T: I was writing music for one album only, but felt very productive during writing the songs so in the end, I ended up having too many songs for one album only. I didn’t want to give these songs away as bonuses for different territories, because I felt they are strong songs. I then talked with my label earmusic and we decided to release two separate albums that are connected with each other. I guess my fans have been happy to receive more material than normally :)

M: When are you on tour in Germany? Are there any dates yet?

T: I am going to be touring in Germany in October. All the days for Germany have been announced on my tarjaturunen.com webpage already.  

M: What do you miss the most when you're on tour?

T: I will definitely miss on the future tours my family a lot since they are not following me anymore on tours. So family and home! 

M: What do you love the most?

T: The concerts are the highlights for sure. 

M: What do you hate the most?

T: Getting tired and afterwards sick.

M: What are your plans for your future?

T: Lot of touring with the new album, mostly for 2 next years. In between the rock tours, I will have plenty of classical music activities and events as well. 

M: What do you like to tell to your fans?

T: I would like to thank you for the support and love. Cannot wait to see and rock with you again in October!  

Thanks a lot for the interview!


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