Interview mit Sol Heilo von Katzenjammer


Morgaine: When did you start to play music?

Sol: I started to sing before I could speak, and as soon as I could reach up to the piano, I pressed the keys in pure joy. Music has always been around me in my family.


M: How many instruments do you play?

S: Depends on how you define play, but I do perform with about 15 different on stage.


M: Which one is your favorite instrument?

S: I really love the drums. It is the skeleton of the music and if a bone is broken, the body around it wont work too well. It is by far the most difficult one to play amongst all the instruments I master, cause if you get out of that groove, the whole band will suffer, all though they are good musicians.


M: Did you ever want to become something different as a musician?

S: I never dreamt of being an artist on stage. The first time I ever sang in front of strangers was when I was forced to, at school when I was 24 years old.I had several wishes, I wanted to be a puppet maker, scientist, make up artist, painter, social worker, cartoon maker, doctor, session musician (the list is long) but I also really wanted to be a percussionist in a symphonic orchestra. When i realized how much technical practise that required, I lost interest. I am all into what happens now and what is created now and was never interested in sheet music or practising. It is like my clothes on stage that I sew myself; looks good from a distance, but if you take a closer look, the stitches are nothing close to elaborately sewing work. If the sewing police were present, I’d be put in sewing jail immediately.


M: You buy some instruments at „Folkfriends“ in Hamburg. What makes these instruments so special?

S: I’m all into instruments that sound different. I’d be bored to tears if I had to play only standard instruments, cause that sound is so familiar, and new sounds and systems creates new ideas. I have so many now that it creates a space problem.. Folkfriends didn’t help there..


M: What are your favorite bands and songs?

S: That’s my least favorite question in interviews. It’s like asking; “you’re going one a one way trip to a deserted island, what is the one thing you’ll bring?” Do I have to chose against chocolate, people i love or instruments, foods, drawing pencil or water? There’s so much brilliant music out there. I tend to listen to one single record over a 3 year period. Find something to get lost in. Between 2009 and 2011 it was White Chalk by PJ Harvey. Never even checked out her other records.


M: Which song of your own songs is your favorite and why?

S: Same thing here, there is never a favorite. All my songs has different qualities. And it chages from day to day, what I enjoy to play the most. Depends on the mood. And it depends on the people I play them for.


M: Is there someone you admire?

S: I really admire my parents. They are hard working, genuinely good people with hearts of gold. They’d never hurt a fly and they’d always welcome strangers into their house. They’d never cheat, (as far as I know) they’re very honest. That is rare these days. And that sure is admirable.


M: What does inspire you when you write songs or paint artwork?

S: Mostly impressions from life in general, encounters with interesting people, a movie, a series, a painting, streetart, nature, a first impression of a new city in a foreign country.


M: Your outfits are very colorful and creative. Do you create them by yourself?

S: Yes. I love to imagine an outfit and then try to make it. And I love colors. Colors are powerful and gives me energy. I never cared about fashion or what is appropriate to wear one year, and then the next year you’re being laughed at if you were the same thing.  I’m definitely not up to date in any sort of artistical way and it feels good.


M: What you do want to tell/ to express with you music?

S: I want to share with people. I want them to make out of it what they want, like I do when I listen to other people’s music. Music is a channel to get out or take in emotions. I consider myself happy at heart. But I tend to listen to melancholic music, cause that creates a dragging, longing, wonderful, passionate feeling inside my body. It makes me want to create. Just create.


M: What do you miss the most when you're on tour?

S: I miss my friends and family and to be able to call someone up and just have a coffee and a chat. I miss home made bread and to be able to choose what to eat. I miss nature and to see the changes in it. I missed out on the norwegian summer and spring for a 5 year period. Only auto bahn and beer sticky backstages and hotels that looked the same. That felt like a privation to me.


M: What do you like the most of being a musician?

S: It is to play music. To share it and the encounters with the people you meet or play for. 80% of being an active musician is administrative work and waiting and transport. You do all that to be able to do the one thing you love. And that one thing is wonderful.


M: What was for you the most beautiful moment on stage until now?

S: It was actually right after stage, with Katzenjammer, in the merchandise stand where we met our audience and signed their CD’s and took pictures and had a chat with them, like we always do. This was in Birmingham, last year. An old man called David walked slowly up to me and was shaking all over. He came very close and almost whispered with a very weak voice. He was crying. I barely heard what he was saying. He said: I didn’t speak for 10 years. Now I can speak..” Then he cried even more, and his wife came up to me and told me he hadn’t spoken for 10 years and had been to all the psychiatrists there was and no one could help him. Then, during our show, he suddenly turned to his wife and said: “Katzenjammer…… Beautiful…..” And they both fell into tears and laughter. I still have contact with David. He speaks more and more every day, so much that his wife starts to think it’s a little bit too much.


M: Did you already had a strange situation with fans?

S: There are definitely weird fans out there. There are some stalkers. If I could choose, I’d be without the stalkers. But that is apparently a part of this game. I feel bad for them, they’re lonely people, so I don’t have the heart to be rude to them, either.


M: Why does you band „Katzenjammer“ makes a break at the moment?

S: Marianne left the band and we definitely need some time to figure out what to do next. It’s not done over night, to get hold of a girl who sings and play at least 10 different instruments and who has the same experience as we have.


M: What can you tell me about your solo-project?

S: I wrote at least 50 songs over the last 5 years, when I was out touring with Katzenjammer. It was the most challenging years of my life. I managed to get through them by writing. I had to write. A lot of those songs didn’t fit to Katzenjammer. I never write for a purpose, I write what I feel, and sometimes it doesn’t fit a certain project. But it fits me, and since Marianne left the band and Katzenjammer is having a break, I found it natural to start to play all that music.


M: Will you publish a solo-cd?

S: I am in the middle of recording my first album.


M: When are your next concerts in Germany?

S: Hopefully and very plausible there’ll be a lot of them in 2017.


M: If you could be the boss of the whole world for one day, which three things would you change at once?

S: Well, if peace was a realistic thing to wish for, I’d of course wanted to see that happen. Then I’d make villages that was full of art, farmers, craft, artists, nature, music, animals and no cars. And everyone who wanted to live there, would do it for free. Then I’d make chocolate the most healty thing on earth to eat. Do I qualify to participate on the miss world contest for this answer? What idiot wouldn’t wish for peace and respect for all living things!


M: What are your plans/wishes for your future?

S: Play music and never stop experience and growing and keeping the child inside.


M: What do you like to tell to your fans?

S: No matter how deep you fall, there is always a light somewhere. It might be dark for years, but there is a light for everyone. If it once was there, it’ll appear again.


Many thanks to / vielen Dank an Sol!

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